Conroe, Texas

Conroe es la sede del condado de Montgomery y cae dentro del área metropolitana. Se encuentra a unos 40 millas (64 km) al norte de Houston.

Apartamentos en Conroe, Texas

Creekside Apartment Homes (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 3030 N Frazier St. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-2087
after reading many review on creeksides ratings..
i must say that it has definatly changed.. since
being here 2 years i havent had any problems with
my car being broke into nor have i seen any other
problems . management goes above and beyond to get
the job done matter of fact i justreported
problems with my roof and that verry day maintence
fixed it.. come by at night its safe here my son
is able to run and play and enjoy being a kid
here...i have had no problems here....
Riverwalk Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 291 Scarborough Dr. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 760-2306
I lived at Riverwalk for almost a year I had to
break my lease when I was transferred by my job. I
did have a few issues when I was leaving I was
told that they were being nice letting my roommate
and I out of our lease also told that we had to
give 60 days notice that we were breaking our
lease although 30 days is all that is needed at
the end of lease to vacate and lease only states
30 days needed. When I got to reading the fine
print the top of the lease paperwork stated that
that particular
Cedars Apartments (Ver página)
Dirección: 403 Longmire Rd. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-2333
I have lived at Cedars Apartments since 2004 and
this is not the first time I have lived at Cedars.
AND I have got my full deposit back within 19 days
of me moving! If anyone remembers the leasing girl
told me the water trash would not be billing me
for the first 2 months so of course you would be
billed after move out! Management-Rena Cari are
awsome people that take good care of me then now!
Sorry you couldnt see it for yourselfs.
Carriage Woods Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1515 Wilson Rd. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-7031
Very affordable but it takes an act of congress to
get the management to help with an issue or
problem. The people that live here are rude and
the inside of the units look cheap. I guess you
get what you pay for.
Tall Timbers Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1101 S 7th St. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-0014
My daughters father came to pick her up for the
weekend. He wants me to move so bad because he
feel it is not safe for our daughter. It seems
lately allot of young people are moving in with
there boyfriend then there boyfriends bring there
friends. And I do get afraid to go to my car and
the mail box especially on the weekend and night
time. It is getting dangerous outside now. I seen
a fight in front of the apartment and a young guy
slap his girlfriend the other day. And it seems
they are selli
Cimarron Park Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2201 Montgomery Park Blvd. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 441-1160
The staff at Cimarron Park are helpful if a bit
difficult to get on the phone. The tenants are a
mix of families [READ: LOTS OF KIDS] and the
elderly. Very few young professionals live in this
complex. There is no sprinkler system covering
most of the property so in the summer if you live
towards the back it gets pretty brown. Other than
that its a standard complex with great rent
fantastic floor plans and a good location. I
wouldnt recommend it if youre looking for a
prestigious address.
Park Village Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1400 S Frazier St. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 441-8288
i have lived here 2yrs 3mon and maintainance is
getting better. they are stretched way to thin
though. they only have a few guys worked for three
different apartment complexes i feel bad for them.
management has also improved lately theyre not as
rude as they once were and they are doing better
about returning calls. the only problem that still
remains are the children constantly playing in the
streets with no parent supervision and aparently
no understanding of what to do when you see an
Treehouse Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1101 Wilson Rd. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-6179
worst place ever they assume and evict without
gathering proof i am a smoker that smokes tobacco
out of a pipe now my family is getting evicted
because they think tobacco looks like marijuana
River Pointe (Ver página)
Dirección: 1600 River Pointe Dr. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (866) 443-5524
Ok.. this is the worst it has been here... it took
a year to get my a/c fixed. But it was still
livable. Last night my refridgerator went out so i
called the after hours answering service and they
said they would send someone out. no one came. I
went to the office first thing today(sunday). they
said they would call someone to come look at it.
no one came so i called back and the office said
the man on call was not answering his phone and
there was no one else they could call and they
were sorry
Whispering Oaks Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1200 N Loop 336 W. Conroe, Texas
Teléfono: (936) 756-1515
Great new staff apartments and grounds always
clean. Good safe clean place to live!
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