Cookeville, Tennessee

Cookeville es una ciudad en el Condado de Putnam, Tennessee, Estados Unidos. La población fue 23.923 en el censo de 2000. Población del censo de Cookeville de 2010 fue 30.435, y el total combinado de quienes viven en zonas postales de Cookeville en 2010 fue 65.014. Es la sede de condado del Condado de Putnam y el hogar de la Universidad Tecnológica de Tennessee. Es reconocida como una de las zonas del país micropolitana, ciudades más pequeñas, que sin embargo funcionan como importantes centros económicos. De las áreas de veinte micropolitana en Tennessee, Cookeville es el más grande; población del área micropolitana Cookeville 2010 fue 106.042.

Apartamentos en Cookeville, Tennessee

Willow Park Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 612 S Willow Ave. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 526-8815
I lived at Willow Park Apartments back in 2005 and
it was great... Quiet clean and nice but thats
when Vicky was running it I dont know anything
about this Jennifer person. Vicky was great. I was
considering moving back but now Im reconsidering
after reading these reviews. It sounds like
management has changed and for the worst at that.
Saxony Apartments (Ver página)
Dirección: . Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 526-7711
stay away. way to expensive for what you get.
shady managers and im sitting here now with no a/c
and its 95 outside. and theres no hot water. not
the first time on that one. been 3 days since ive
had a hot shower. best part is the pool but they
close it if it rains a drop in Nashville. O and if
you like X Box they have there own terible
internet they make you use. My advice move
somewhere you can get comcast SO HOT :(
Hampton Creek Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 801 Winston Dr. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 432-4152
We moved here this past summer and are very
disappointed. The pool was closed for 4 days due
to maintenance problems but no one was ever there
working on the issue. The office staff is very
rude and unprofessional. We will most certaintly
being moving when our lease is up. Overall
opinion.......this place needs new management and
new groundskeeper personnel.
Eagle Landing Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 203 Eagles Landing Dr. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 525-3700
I have lived at Eagles Landing for a year now (and
the year has been within the new Conservice third
party electric billing regime.) My roommate and I
live in a four bedroom apartment with just the two
of us. We get charged the electric bill for the
two empty rooms that Eagles Landing have not
filled. When we signed our leases we were told we
would never go over on our electric bill but we
are now being charged more than 20 dollars a month
apiece. The office is very nice and polite and
very help
Cypress Creek Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 600 W 8th St, #A. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 372-1605
what use to be good has turned to GHETTO HOOD! I
use to like it too but now its completly
unprofessional low income limited place to live!
Worse than the inome limited projects for
inspections police arrests now its PET friendly
which makes it even more louder if not the kids u
hear screaming foul language to their parents at
the playground in the center of the complex its
the dogs barking inside the paper thin walls or
the thumping from loud low-riders and base stereo
Bock Properties (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2 E 1st St, #A. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 526-8504
it is a good place to live they are good people
and they fix things as needed
Cambridge Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1045 Fisk Rd. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 526-8548

Farris Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 238 E 14th St. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 372-2556

Colony House Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1145 E 10th St, #A14. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 526-9765

Terrace View Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1366 Crescent Dr. Cookeville, Tennessee
Teléfono: (931) 528-7633

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