Fairfield, Connecticut

Fairfield es una ciudad ubicada en el Condado de Fairfield, Connecticut, Estados Unidos. Limita con las localidades de Bridgeport, Trumbull, Easton, Redding y Westport a lo largo de la costa de oro de Connecticut. Según el censo de 2010, la ciudad tenía una población de 59.404. En julio de 2006, revista dinero ranked Fairfield noveno "el mejor lugar para vivir" en los Estados Unidos, y el mejor lugar para vivir en el noreste.

Apartamentos en Fairfield, Connecticut

Stone Ridge at Fairfield (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 501 Kings Hwy E. Fairfield, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 333-8200

Park North Condominium Association (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 3927 Park Ave. Fairfield, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 374-2808

Sullivan-Mc Kinney Elder Hsng (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 224 Meadowbrook Rd. Fairfield, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 259-1991

Zerella, Joseph A DDS - Zerella Joseph A DDS (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1275 Post Rd, #217. Fairfield, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 259-3399

Fairfield County Real Estate Company (Ver página)
Dirección: 200 Mill Plain Rd. Fairfield, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 259-9999

Merritt River Apartments (Ver página)
Dirección: 399 Main Ave. Norwalk, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 846-1100
Excellent customer service from the leasing staff
Success Village Apartments Incorporated (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 100 Court D. Bridgeport, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 336-2545
Success Village is a great place to call home. The
units are just right and the yard it perfect for
creating a garden. The units are affordable
because most rents these days are sky high and the
mangers keep up with the rules and keeping the
place looking good. On the not so great side.
There are to many of the older members who need to
be off the board so that new comers can come and
bring success to the 21th century. I dont agree
with the way the old members are still living in
the past. We ne
3880 Main Street Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 3880 Main St. Bridgeport, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 395-7359
Quiet and clean. Great location. Close to
everything. Onsite office and manager a plus.
Apartments well maintained. Many cameras on
property. Nice residents no riff raff. Good
laundry room. Landlord very attentive. One of the
best rentals in area.
Milford Beach Apartments (Ver página)
Dirección: 71 Joy Rd. Milford, Connecticut
Teléfono: (888) 445-9099
Along with the laundry list of other tenants
complaints the hallways and stairs have never been
vaccumed or cleaned since I moved in 5 months ago.
There is a peice of food on the baseboard in the
front foyer that has been there since day 1.....so
gross! The laundry room is disgusting. There is
black mold everywhere and a puddle of brown slimey
water around the washers at all times so God
forbid you drop a peice of your laundry on the
ground. The walkways to the laundry rooms have not
been cleare
Franklin School Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 50 Bank St. Derby, Connecticut
Teléfono: (203) 732-2426
Located right off of Rt 8 in a brick building that
houses 24 units (6 rooms on 4 floors). Great view
of the river from the 3rd floor! Plenty of
privacy. Passcode required for building access.
Plenty of guest parking. Try it out!
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