Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas, es un lugar censo-señalado (CDP) dentro de la jurisdicción extraterritorial de Houston en el Condado de Harris, Texas, Estados Unidos, a 20 millas (32 km) al norte del centro de Houston. La población fue 54.298 en el censo de 2010. Mientras que el nombre "primavera" se aplica a una amplia zona del norte del Condado de Harris y un área más pequeña del sur del Condado de Montgomery, la ciudad original de primavera, ahora conocido como primavera de pueblo viejo, se encuentra en la intersección de carreteras Spring-Cypress y Hardy y abarca un área relativamente pequeña de tal vez 1 km.

Apartamentos en Spring, Texas

Cypresswoods Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 4607 Cypresswood Dr. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 370-2801
I have lived here for 3 years and it is a great
place to live due to the management and the
maintenance. If it breaks they are there in a few
minutes to fix if you have a question or problem
the manager Sherry Webber will answer and do what
ever it takes. Grounds are kept very nice and
Forest View Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 4545 S Panther Creek Dr. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 367-1775
These are great apartments and the staff is so
friendly and helpful! I absolutely loved living
here. When I got divorced I was very concerned
about being able to afford something decent. The
staff at Forest View worked with me diligently to
get everything taken care of and ready for
move-in! I will be eternally grateful!!!
Lyons Court Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 16303 Lyons School Rd. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 370-5181
I love this place my apartment is huge and is very
quiet and Vicki she is awesome when you need
something she will help right a way the price is
awesome and the park is 10 minutes if you walk I
am very pleased I signed only for 6 months my
lease is up I will sign again for a least one year
more till I am ready to move to the house. I love
Lodge at Cypresswoods (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 8100 Cypresswood Dr. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 379-2077
The only reason i would not rate them a five is
because at first they were very unorganized. But
once they realized that we hadnt signed the papers
and could still change our mind they got organized
really quick!! now everything is awesome!!
Timbermill Apartments (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1481 Sawdust Rd. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 362-1481
I am a 74 year old lady and have lived in the
Timbermill Apartments for four years and I love it
here. I feel very safe. The ladies in the office
have been nice and polite to me and my family.
KALLUS, MARK Broker - Star Realty, Incorporated (Ver página)
Dirección: 19627 I-45, #310. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 355-7827
Mark and his team are excellent! They approach the
property as if it was their own. They have been
managing my properties for the last nine months
and always contact me immediately when problems
arise. They take the stress out of my hands for a
better price than I was paying before. If you have
homes that need a property manager give Star
Realty Inc. as call!
Applewood Village Apartments (Ver página)
Dirección: 4500 Cypresswood Dr. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (281) 370-9444
Ive seen worse but they are not good. A little
overpriced for what they are. Everything was all
good until the ac turned on it sounds like an old
bathroom vent (very noisy!) It looks like the
carpet has been flooded and they tried cleaning it
(its alright but you can tell near the edges of
it). They have the ac dripage pipe dripping into
the tub. The bathroom door will not stay shut when
the ac turns on. The window in the bedroom is
stuck shut. There were ants in the bedroom when we
moved in. Th
Wildwood Forest (Ver página)
Dirección: 455 Wildwood Forest Dr. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (866) 493-5613
I have lived on the property for 1.5 yrs and admit
that the landscaping is gorgeous and the lake is
wonderful to look at from your balcony. The gym
has nice equipment the bedrooms are larger than
most in the area and for the most part the
apartments are quite quiet. This is where I feel
the positives end. When I moved in there was a
leasing agent named Tiffany and she was well liked
by most of the residents she cordial professional
and very welcoming. The others......not so much. I
have had to g
Timber Run (Ver página)
Dirección: 3030 Hirschfield Rd. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (877) 766-2631
I have lived here for almost 3 years now with my
wife and children. Its ridiculous. Other than the
loud music the shootings the drugs the gangs the
fights the car vandalism the building vasndalism
the auto thefts the burglaries the murders the
rapes the crowds of people standing in the parking
lot making it hard for you to drive through the
lazy people who throw their trash at the dumpster
instead of in it the insanely loud bass that
vibrates your walls gang members spray painting
the sidewalks
Oak Falls Condominiums (Ver página)
Dirección: 4545 Louetta Rd. Spring, Texas
Teléfono: (866) 354-8288
I used to live in these apartments but the prior
management company sold it and let me tell you it
has taken a down turn. Maintains takes Weeks to
get done before it was a day maybe 2 tops! When I
was moving out the told me I couldnt move out even
though I showed them my lease that said if they
didnt give me my 60 day written notice about
renewing my lease a 30 day would suffice. So when
I went in a little before 30 days of me moving out
I fought with both the ladies in the front office
for abou
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