Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte es la ciudad más grande en el estado de North Carolina y la sede del Condado de Mecklenburg. En 2011 la población estimada de Charlotte según la Oficina del censo de Estados Unidos fue 751.087, siendo la ciudad más grande 17 en los Estados Unidos basados en la población. El área metropolitana de Charlotte tenía una población de 2011 de 1.795.472. El área metropolitana de Charlotte es parte de una región de Condado de dieciséis mercado o combinado área metropolitano con una estimación de población del censo de 2011 de 2.442.564. Los residentes de Charlotte se denominan "Charlotteans".

Escuelas en Charlotte, North Carolina

A-1 Driving School (Ver página)
Dirección: 6675 Cow Hollow Dr. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 458-4771
I will highly recommend Elana Diamond for anyone
who needs help in this area. Elana helped me to
overcome my fear. She was truly wonderful. She
taught me every trick to make me a safe driver. I
got my license !!!!!!
A1 Driving School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 6675 Cow Hollow Dr, #2011. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 543-7430
A-1 Driving school is the school to choose when
you want how to learn to drive safely and
efficiently. Chet is an awesome instructor who is
patient and on time time. I recieved my licensed
back in May 2010 after 20 hours of instruction and
I know I wouldntve been able to learn how to drive
as quickly on my own. I would recommend this
school to anyone who needs to learn how to drive
American Driving School (Ver página)
Dirección: 8318 Highway 51 # 708-111. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 995-3735
i am 45 years old professional from New York. I
moved to Charlotte 3 month ago and realized that
you have to have a drivers license in NC. I called
to ADS to schedule an appointment for the driving
class. I was very impressed with Razida- she is a
great personand instructor as well who is trying
very hard to help people who needs help in this
area. I passed my driving test and would like to
recommend this school to everybody. Thanks a lot.
Charlotte Area Driving School (Ver página)
Dirección: 800 Briar Creek Rd. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 377-6616
After trying to get my license 3 times
unsuccessfully I knew I needed some help to
conquer my deathly fear of driving. Michael was
patient and knowledgeable and he put me at ease.
Through his instruction I was finally able to get
my license without a problem. In my opinion him
and his instruction were worth every penny!
Helms Driving School (Ver página)
Dirección: . Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 372-0870
I absolutely recommend Helms Driving School.
Margaret has years of experience and teaches you
not just how to move a vehicle but also how to
drive with good etiquette for other road users and
your passengers so that things go safely and
smoothly. The key to success is listening and
following Margarets instructions. She will not let
you get away with mistakes and you may get scolded
for repeated offences. But there is no disrespect
and definitely no yelling in it. Being corrected
is part of the l
ABC Bartending School (Ver página)
Dirección: 5633 Monroe Rd. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 569-9992
I loved this class im a single mother and ABC
offered night classes. . . so i was able to work
my schooling into my hectic schedule. . . london
was a great instructer who taught me alot the
hands on experience of learning and mixing drinks
in a real bar atmosphere was the best!!!. . . i am
confident that i will make a great bartender the
job placement is also a great resource THANKS ABC
Paw Creek Elementary School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1300 Cathey Rd. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (980) 343-6088
From the Principal to the janitors from the
students to the PTA this is a fantastic school
with much to offer!
Southeastern School of Neuromuscular Massage (Ver página)
Dirección: 5250 77 Center Dr # 100. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 527-4979
I have been twice and really like it both times it
was very relaxing... But if you you and get
someone you really like make sure you request them
if you go again.. That is if they are still there.
The second time I went I wasnt very please with
who I got. But it wont stop me from going back...
Trinity Episcopal School (Ver página)
Dirección: 750 E 9th St. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 358-8101
This school is nestled in the heart of Charlotte.
With a dynamic headmaster and outstanding teachers
this institution teaches children to be a part of
the community.
ABC Driving School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2632 Commonwealth Ave. Charlotte, North Carolina
Teléfono: (704) 333-4884
Great school!! I drove 3 days and then got my
license. I highly recommend!!
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