Indianapolis, Indiana

Indianapolis (abreviado Indy) es la capital del estado de Indiana de Estados Unidos y también la sede del Condado de Marion. Según el censo de 2010, la población de la ciudad es 829.718. Es la duodécima ciudad en los Estados Unidos y una de las áreas metropolitanas de más rápido crecimiento en los Estados Unidos.

Escuelas en Indianapolis, Indiana

Cathedral High School (Ver página)
Dirección: 5225 E 56th St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 542-1481
Very good high school but they push you very very
hard to do your best. Hard to do if you are not
smart or athletic. Maybe not for everyone. still
is an extemely great school.
Roncalli High School (Ver página)
Dirección: 3300 Prague Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 787-8277
Great educational foundation provided. Good
Catholic values.
St Joan of Arc School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 500 E 42nd St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 283-1518
i am a 7th grade student and i think it a
excellent school
Chapelwood Elementary School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1129 N Girls School Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 241-3507
Very good people teaching in this school. I love
this school my childs attented to this school
Irvington Community School (Ver página)
Dirección: 6705 Julian Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 357-5359
My sixth grader is finally beginning to live up to
his potential thanks to ICS. He spent the first 4
years in an area parochial school and I only wish
I had enrolled him in ICS from the beginning. Ics
is growing daily and their quality of education is
surpassed by no one that I know of in the
Indianapolis area. There are counselors available
for both parents and students when neded and this
school places what is in the students best
interest above all else. I would highly recommend
this facility
Eastwood Middle School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 4401 E 62nd St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 259-5401
I dont like all the student teachers and the
teachers there.
Guion Creek Middle School (Ver página)
Dirección: 4401 W 52nd St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 293-4549
Heritage Christian School (Ver página)
Dirección: 6401 E 75th St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 849-3441
good christian school with great teachers. great
academics and athletics. high school girls have
won 4 state championships so far (being 2009).
Good drama department. 2000 students
William McKinley School 39 (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1733 Spann Ave. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 226-4239
She has a lot of fun there And the teachers are
wounderful. They actullay Listen to the kids and
dont shove the kids with tons of homework each
night. My Daughters old school Center in Orland
hills forced her into stuff in 2nd grade when she
was only in preschool! This school is the best
school that any parents will find in Indianapolis!
Good Luck:)
Herron High School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 110 E 16th St. Indianapolis, Indiana
Teléfono: (317) 231-0010
The student body is small yet diverse the teachers
are young energetic and know all of the
students(by name) and the entire staff actually
seems to care and take an interest in the
children. Teachers attend after school functions
to support the kids and some offer websites and
weekly emails to parents. The favorite freshman
teacher actually requires two book report projects
to be turned in on the first day of school-and the
kids still love him. A classical education is
provided with 4 mandatory
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