Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Philadelphia () es la ciudad más grande en el estado de Pennsylvania y la quinta más poblada ciudad en los Estados Unidos. Se encuentra en el noreste de Estados Unidos a lo largo de los ríos Delaware y Schuylkill, y es la única ciudad-condado consolidada en Pennsylvania. En el, la ciudad tenía una población de 1.526.006. Filadelfia es el centro económico y cultural del hogar, a los 6 millones de personas y la quinta mayor área metropolitana del país. La División Metropolitana de Philadelphia se compone de cinco condados de Pennsylvania y tiene una población de 4.008.994. Los apodos populares para Philadelphia son Filadelfia y la ciudad de fraternal amor, el último de los cuales proviene el significado literal del nombre de la ciudad en griego (griego: (, griego moderno:) "amor fraternal", compuesto de philos (Φίλιππος) "amar" y adelphos (ἀδελφός) "hermano").

Escuelas en Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Freire Charter School (Ver página)
Dirección: 2027 Chestnut St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 592-4252
Freire is definitely one of the best charter
schools in phila. This is my daughters second year
there and she loves it at first she found it to be
a little overwhelming because she came from a
catholic school and the curriculum at Freire was a
bit more challenging but Freire have such a
supportive and great staff with a wonderful
tutoring program she has been able to soar to
great achievement. I am very proud of her and I am
very proud to say my child attends Freire Charter
School Kudos to you F
School of the Future (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 4021 Parkside Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 400-5585
My son attends School of the Future I love the way
the are able to communicate with there laptops at
home or at school I love the technology my sons
has excellent grades its up to the student to be
all he or she can be
Overbrook Elementary School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2032 N 62nd St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 581-5691
The staff is very caring about the students.
Excellent office staff and a principal that gets
involved sincerely with the education of her
students. This school offers a family environment
as well as a good elementary education. Secured
doors clean school great computer room with high
tech computers (pod cast available) a well stocked
library and clean kitchen area. Pre -K to sixth
grade. The principal is one the best principals in
the city and her office staff really should get a
raise for thei
Preparatory Charter School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1928 Point Breeze Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 334-6144
Ever rising test scores fantastic teachers (sorry
for the self-plug) friendly environment safe
facilities... whats not to love? Prep Charter is
definitely the best high school in South Philly.
Right Way Driving School (Ver página)
Dirección: 2522 S Cleveland St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 463-5760
John was an excellent instructor!! he made me feel
relaxed and confident. He taught my brother too
and he also thought he was a great instructor. I
had real issues with parking and he taught me step
by step how to do it perfectly.
Philadelphia Mennonite High School (Ver página)
Dirección: 860 N 24th St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 769-5363
My Sister went to Mennonite and enjoyed it so much
she made me want to go there and I do. She
graduated in 2009 with a Board of Governors
scholarship to the college of her choice. Me Im
making my own way. Ive never been the honor roll
kid but the teachers help me every step of the
way. Thats what I love about this school. Also the
whole school is my family. Teachers and principal
included. Though the sports teams are slim there
are so many activities that I hardly miss it. Im
glad I go to this s
Boys Latin Charter School (Ver página)
Dirección: 5501 Cedar Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 748-8900
This was my sons first year and he entered the
school at 12 yrs old. The teachers and staff
really made the transition from coming from a
small Christian School ver easy. The staff and
teachers are great and my son really enjoys the
curriculm and the all around dedication and
atmosphere of the school.
World Communications Charter School (Ver página)
Dirección: 512 S Broad St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 735-3198
Good School... When I completed school in 2008 it
was a pretty Good School. WCCS Really Prepared me
for college. However it lacks in extracurriculars(
student activities and sports). The education
never the less is great. While attendingI was
given the opportunity to take various college
courses which was later transfered to my current
four year institution. It is one of the better
schools available to the students of urban
Philadelphia. It is indeed better than most of the
public schools in the
Christopher Columbus Charter School (Ver página)
Dirección: 1242 S 13th St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 389-6000
i havnt been there from the beginning back in 1999
i started in 5th grade n i loved it!! this school
is the best school i have ever went too!! i love
it so much!! i love the teachers there!! its a
beautiful building!! i miss it so much and i have
been gone for only a month or two. they have
wonderful learning skills and fun activities!! i
just love it thats all!!!! part of the first class
Megan Taylor
Holy Spirit School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1845 Hartranft St. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Teléfono: (215) 389-0715
As my wonderful Lucia goes there she suceeds as
she goes as a child should. I feel as if my child
is not being met to her strengths.
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