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Escuelas en San Bernardino, California

Curtis Middle School (Ver página)
Dirección: 1050 Del Rosa Ave. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 388-6332
Curtis Middle School is the best public school you
could ever send your child to. Dont get me wrong
the school has fights but never riots or never had
to have the police come to the campus to escort
people off.Students this is a reminder just
because you want to play games go home walk in
your home then walk out so you dont have to
envovle the school in your mishaps with other
schools gangs or people. teachers this goes for
you too but more toward students you dont like
dont send them out of the
Roger Anton Elementary School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1501 Anton Ct. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 386-2000
San Bernardino High School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1850 N E St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 881-8217
i have attended san bernardino high school for two
and a half years now and i will graduate 2010! a
iam exited to graduate. san bernardino is a
average high school but we have alot of school
spirit. i dont too much like the schools students
because they are full of drama but that is
something you could expect being in high school.
the teachers at this high school( most of them)
care about their students and take their job
serious those are the teachers i appreciate . the
school staff and vice pr
Arrowview Middle School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2299 N G St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 881-8109
They are so[ tight ]cool and we get to do
[anything we want] ............ go dragons?
Pacific High School (Ver página)
Dirección: 1020 Pacific St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 388-6419
2006-2007 I strongly believe this a great school
however the students need to believe this in order
for it to be proven to others and have faith that
this the place where they are going to find
themselves as indivduals and set themselves a
goal. My son just graduated form this scholl and
now he serves in United States Navy. My duaghter
is a huge part of the choir and i have enjoyed
every moment of their performamces. Mrs trotter is
a great role model. God Bless the entire staff.
Let US Entertain You Traffic (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 2601 Del Rosa Ave, #205g. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 286-1143
WOW! Did I have a great time! Last time I had to
go to traffic school it was so boring!! this time
Greg the instructor keep the whole class wide
awake and entertained. The last time I laughed
this hard I was watching the comedy channel.
Presented in a way that was humorous yet very
thought provoking and while I really dont want
another ticket I will be going back if I do. I
highly recommend this class to everyone who wants
a great laugh nowadays we need it more then ever.
Richardson Prep High School (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 455 S K St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 388-6438
I attended this school for 7 and 8 grade... this
is the best school in the Inland Empire that your
child could go to... you have to have good grades
to be qualified... even though there is a waiting
list... The teachers are dedicated to the well
bieng of your students... they will work with
you... trust me... get your child into this
school... they have the best band ... your child
might be able to perform at Knotts Berry Farm...
they have a 8 th grade dinner dance at a country
club... the whole
Ready Set Grow (Ver en mapa)
Dirección: 1528 Pumalo St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 883-6628
Fabulous school! I was overly concerned when I had
to leave my grand daughter at the Ready set grow
on the first day of school for her. It took just a
few days for me to realize and felt a bit jealous
too when on the 3rd day when I went to pick her up
she refused to come with me. Instead she turned
towards the teacher and hugged and begged her to
keep her in school. I was in tears but realized
what a good choice I made. The staff
administrators are very humble open and friendly.
I love it!!
Mount Vernon Elementary School (Ver página)
Dirección: 1271 W 10th St. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 388-6400
I started school here in 98-99 til my first few
months of 5th grade (which was in 95). My years
there was an enjoyable learning environment. So
many fun activities from caught being good tickets
that were used towards a raffle at award
assemblies to mainstream. I dont know if they
still do that haha. They also have good programs
to boost up the learning process.
Shandin Hills Middle School (Ver página)
Dirección: 4301 Little Mountain Dr. San Bernardino, California
Teléfono: (909) 880-6666
this school is like coolish dude!!! and like it is
fun and the teachers are great if you transfer
like i did you will like it too it is AZUM!!
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